Works with Alexa


In ArraHome, kitchen appliances, companion app and its Alexa smart home skill were built and designed from scratch to work together, and we’re just as dedicated to the quality of our products as we are to the food we make with them.

To use your appliances connected features, use the ArraHome smart home skill in Alexa.
Firstly, ensure your WiFi Connect appliances is Connected to your home network. For assistance, visit Set Up Build-In Wifi Connect.
Secondly, Open the Alexa App.
1)Go to Skills&Games and Search "ArraHome".
2)Click on ArraHome and click the ENABLE button.
3)Account Linking. Enter your ArraHome Appliances Account username and password and hit "sign in."
4)Say "Discover Devices" to your Alexa device to link your account to Alexa.


Device Type: AOven, available utterances:
Cook Time】in the Oven .
*Alexa, cook
Food Namein the Oven .
*Alexa, defrost
Food Namein the Oven.
*Alexa, set
Oven on High/Medium/LowPower level.
Pause/Restart/Stopthe Oven  .

*【Cook Time】must between 1 to 120 minute.
*【Food Name】. Currently available food: Bread, Cake, Cookie, Tart, Pasta, Pizza, Steak, Potato, Pork, Pork ribs, Chops, Shrimp, Turkey, Turkey breast, Cutlets, Cornish hen, Lamb, Lamb chop, Duck, Goose, Vegetable Slices, Vegetable Florets, Vegetable Stalks, Carrot slices, Radish slices, Beetroot slices, Olivier salad, Peas, Corn, Soy Kernels, Mixed Vegetables, Vegetables, Broccolli, Frozen pizza, Steak, Bacon, Beef, Beef steak, Veal, Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken breast, Drumstick, Fish, Meat.
*【Food Weight】. You can use what ever weight unit that Alexa supports.
*【Oven Name】. You can rename the appliance via “Setting” on the top right conner of Control Pannel.

ArraHome universe is always expanding. Wherever there is an innovation that can make the cooking experience smarter and more fun, we’ll be there—and ready to talk.


If fail to connect ArraHome Appliances with your Alexa enable devices at first time, never mind, return and try one more time carefully. 

Still have difficulty ? Please visit :Voice Control FAQ .

For further assistance,  Contact