ArraHome.com, Inc. is a smart kitchen appliances manufacturer, aimed at help people to cook faster, easier, and more enjoyable, launched in 2017 after founder Andrew realized that is hard for us to use kitchen appliances and follow recipes online to cook our favorite food.


There three key highlights in ArraHome service.

Firstly, ArraHome recipes, tightly coupling with ArraHome appliances, is an online recipe sharing and cooking community, ArraHome App and ArraHome.com is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Android users, allow users to access the site and its user-uploaded content while on the go, search recipes and include specifications in their search (such as type of meal, nutrition, key ingredients, and time needed to prepare the dish). Recipes can be saved and easily shared on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Secondly, while using the IOT technology, ArraHome kitchen appliances, which interconnect and cooperate with each other through the whole cooking process, bringing you the best value in Kitchen Appliances.

Thirdly, ArraHome work with voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which provide handfree cooking experience to customers, control appliances, cooking process, and asking questions about recipes just by openning your mouth.


We provide AOven and Amixer at first time, which are the smartest, and most powerful appliances in the market. Built in-house by a team of chefs, engineers, and videographers, Arra Home reflects our commitment to creating content-rich products that educate and inspire. We are working hard  on new smart tools, features, and services that will prove integral to the kitchen of the future, and we're making it a reality one product at a time. If you would like to work with Litchi or supply us with feedback please contact us at service@arrahome.com.